Edit Joomla files.. Where?

I am trying to remove the icons from the line that tells who have added the article and when.

I am making this site: http://new.bogense-heldagsskole.dk/
As you see in the picture I am trying to remove the calendar icon and the person icon on the line where it tells you about the author and time. I want to keep the info but remove the icons

As you can see, I have found the place in html window where the info is,but the problem is I dont understand how I can use that info and actually find the place in the joomla directory where I have to edit to remove that line.

Is there a system for me to see in what file the line is that I need to remove as it is not in the CSS file. I run into this ofthen but never undestood where to look to find the place where I have to edit

Thanks for your time How to use the HTML window to localize where to edit
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ahh...looks like they are using a template over ride.

Try looking in templates/bogense8/html/com_content/....
Do you have a blogging component installed? or is this just standard joomla!

if this is just standard joomla then there are a couple of places you should look.

First go to the Menu Manager in your Joomla! Aministrator

then find your menu item that shows your blog

open the menu item and on the right open the pane Parameters Component - jeg ved desværre ikke hvad det hedder i DK versionen hvis du anvender den ;-)

Here you should set:
show author name to Hide
show created date and time to Hide
show modified date and time to HIde


then a little further down

Icons to Hide
PDF to HIde
Print icon to Hide
Email icon to Hide
and potentially also HIts to Hide

this should take care of your issue.

Fyn er fin ;-)
Panagiotis Sweb developer - designer Commented:
otherwise put visibility:hidden to the class  
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morten444Author Commented:
Thanks for responds.
I think the suggestions here will remove the whole line ?
I only want to remove the Icons that represent the "date and author".
I want to keep the Date and Author text and the icons for pdf,mail etc...

If you see on my screenshot, I have the code showing the icon 18px x 18px.
I just want to remove this 2 icons.

The blog is just the standard Jooma. If i go into the Menu Manager, I cant see a place where I can only remove this 2 icons?

Any suggestions?
Panagiotis Sweb developer - designer Commented:
Go content -->artice manager  

on the right top corner (buttons) there is a button called parameters where you can select what to show and what not
These need to be changed in your css file. I would recommend you download firebug (http://getfirebug.com/) and then right click the icons and click Inspect Element.  in the left, you will see the html for the element and on the right you will see the exact CSS, file and line number where the css code is located.

morten444Author Commented:
I can not find that option there
If I remove "autor" and "time of creation" the text also get removed.
I just want to remove the icon infront of the date of creation and infront of the Authors name.
I want to keep the Time of creation and autors name itself.

As you see on my screenshot using Firebug I can see the code that I need to get hold of to remove the icons, but i dont not know where to locate that code in the Joomla files/Template

It is most likely in template/your-template/css/

However, here is a tip, when viewing the css code in firebug, you can click the CSS file name to the right of the style and it will open the file in your browser. Then you can look at the address bar and get the exact path to the file.
morten444Author Commented:
I have found the file in my template\image
but what I cant find is the html code that asks for the file for the calendar icon.
I can not just delete it as the the "alt=postdateicon" will show there in stead.
I want to remove the whole highligted text on my screeshot, i just cant find it.
I have search in all .php files in my template, but no luck
morten444Author Commented:
Your a star :)
That did resolve it
I found it in templates/bogense8/html/com_content/articles/default.php
I just removed the references to the .png files and the "image text" and it worked
morten444Author Commented:
That did the trick
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