How to perform Lotus Notes Databases Restore using CA Arcserve v.15 on Lotus Domino 8.5.2


I have Domino 8.5.2 with DAOS and Domino Transaction Logging enabled. I was able to use CA Arcserve v.15 to backup the DAOS folder, Transaction logging and mail files using the Agent for Lotus Domino

My full backups runs on Sunday and Saturday. Incremental the rest of days.

Now I need to find a way to restore the mail\joe.nsf file. I don't want to restore it on the same location (live databases) since it would overwrite the production mail file.
I would like to restore to a different location instead of the Domino data mail folder. Is this possible? I know I can restore to a different folder and CA Arcserve will give me the mail file and all .nlo (attachments files). But how about replaying the logs? And how I would get the .nlo attachments back to a single mail file so I can, lets say, burn a DVD and give to end users with all documents and attachments?

Thanks for your help
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A co-worker gave this advice:

Yes, the database can be restored to a different folder on the Domino server.  During the restore the Backup agent for Lotus Domino automatically recovers any transactions from the logs, provided the agent option to “Perform recovery” is selected (it is selected by default).

The question about the nlo attachments is best left to Lotus support.  I am not aware of any way to manually reattach the nlo files to mail databases.  
Just make a local replica, or a server without DAOS enabled, then the attachments should be in the db.  All documented in the DAOS FAQ at thew Domino wiki
Sorry, was a little too quick to click Submit.  Edited reaction below.

Just make a replica, on local or on a server that does not have DAOS enabled, or make a replica and disable DAOS in the advanced properties and run a Compact -c on that replica. The resulting db then has all the the attachments in the db.  All documented in the DAOS FAQ at thew Domino wiki
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