Change DNS Settings for VMW ESX 4.1

We recently had a 3rd party install a VMware solution on two Dell Servers and an MD3200 SAN.  The VMWare is ESXi .1 vSphere 4.1

I have to retire the physical server that was providing DNS services to the Cluster now that the deployment of vMWare is complete.  It is an SBS2003 box.

1. What areas MUST I go to to change these settings ?

2. In what order Must these take place ?

3. How do I access the areas to make the required changes ?

4. Should I add a Temp DNS Server while this is done ?

One thing that crossed my mind was to powerdown the server to be retired and put in a Linux Installed PC with DNS as a fall back (Needed ??? yes or no, sensible??? yes or no)
I am very green at VMWare and am not confident at all.  This is the last step before transferring domain control to the new Windows DC on the server cluster
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Check out the following KB from VMware which should walk you through several different ways to change this configuration.

Specifically this piece:

To change the hostname, domain, DNS servers, and default gateway in VMware vSphere or Infrastructure Client: 1.Highlight the ESX host and click the Configuration tab.
2.Click DNS and Routing.
3.Click Properties.
4.To change the hostname, domain, and DNS servers, click the DNS Configuration tab and enter the appropriate values.

The only thing you need to worry about for DNS is hostname resolution between the two vSphere hosts to ensure HA will continue to work properly.  Just make sure each hostname is resolvable at the new DNS source before making the change and you should be good.   If your host has issues and disconnects the cluster, don't worry - simply connect directly to the hosts and roll back the changes.   Good luck.

Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
Firstly, LInux PC with DNS - No.

Is SBS2003 providing WIndows Domain, DNS, WINS, DHCP?

Have you transferred all the current roles, Active Directory, Domain, DNS, WINS and DHCP from the SBS2003 box to the new Windows DC on the server cluster?

DNS entries can be changed using vSphere Client, edit the networking configuration of each ESX host.

One way you can quickly test if you need the SBS2003 box, is, just unplug it from the network, and see if everything works as normal - I'm sure something will break!

mbkitmgrAuthor Commented:
Thanks Hanccocka, Have migrated to Server 2008 R2 Ent and Exchange 2010.  Am ready to transfer the FSMO roles.  I want to change the DNS in the VM stuff so that I can transfer FSMO and shitdown the old box.
mbkitmgrAuthor Commented:
Doh!!! - I meant Shutdown
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