Sonicwall 1260 suitability for Virgin Media DSL



I've been looking at the Sonicwall 1260pro Security appliance and was wondering
how suitable this device would be for use on a Virgin Media cable line.

I guess what i'd like to know really is whether the sonic can be plugged directly into the cable modem, or would i require a bridging router/modem setup like in a more traditional PPPoE/PPPoA ADSL scenario?

Is anyone using a sonicwall on a virgin media cable connection, i'd be very interested to hear about your experiences?

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If it is a cable connection and you get the IP address without having to do authentication, you just plug the ethernet cable from the modem to the WAN port and select WAN mode DHCP (in WAN interface settings).
If you have PPPoE authentication, select PPPoE mode and input the authentication credentials. I have no experience with your ISP, but I have no reason to believe you will have a problem. I've seen many different Sonicwalls in many different setups and, for the most part, they run very well.
If you have an ADSL router, instead of a modem, I do recommend you to set the router up in bridge mode and set the WAN type in the Sonicwall to PPPoE and input the authentication credentials.
As long as you can get a cable 'modem', it will work fine... if it is a router (as naomelixes mentioned) and you cannot put it in bridging mode, it will still work, but you may not be able to do what you want with it regarding NAT or port forwarding, etc... most times you can ask the cable company to provide you with one or the other. Let them know you are putting your own router/firewall behind the connection and that you want a cable modem. They should be able to accommodate that...
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Thanks guys, apologies for the late reply. I thought i'd closed and assigned points already!
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