Error loading operating system - SLES 11 on HP Proliant ML150 G3

Hi all,

I'm trying to install SLES 11 on an HP Proliant ML150 G3 Server with an HP Smart Array E200 controller.
I get to install the OS without any problem but when I try to boot from HDD it gives an error: "Error loading operating system"
I have 5 disks creating 2 arrays, I think 2 disks are in RAID 1 for OS and 3 form a RAID 0 configuration. Based on that I manually create a swap partition and an ext3 partition for /.  On the second RAID I create and ext3 partition to mount /home.

Until a couple of hours Windows 2003 x64 was installed and working fine.

Any help would be much appreciated,

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SLES 11 isn't like ubuntu. It has fewer drivers for RAID controllers.  If there isn't a pre-built kernel for the specific make/model & kernel revision, then basically you need to install it on a scratch ATA drive, or even a USB-attached drive first.  Then get driver source code, then create a custom kernel that has built-in support for your controller; create a custom installation disk; then re-install with that on the RAID.

If you're not up to that (heck, I'm not up to that, it is a major pain), then use a supported operating system revision; change controllers; or boot off a small internal SSD and save the SmartArray for data.   But you must have the HP raid drivers built into the kernel if you want to boot to the smartarray, and you will need source code. drivers + source will be on the hp support site, but you have to have a at least a supported kernel, or chances are good you won't get a clean compile.  Sorry
PanchuxAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your quick response.

It's strange that during setup logical partitions are seen without any problem. I can even use the partitioning tool to create partitions as needed.

Will I be able to use the disks if I install SLES 11 on a SATA HDD? I can simply use the RAID for storage.

Thanks for your help,

Try this driver (dor SLES 10)

The HP website SLES 11 support hardware doesn't include ML 150 G3, so it will be tricky to find the right driver for this model.
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Yes, you can install it onto SATA. That is what I would do, (well actually I would do a small SSD just for reliability, I hate to reload operating systems and you wouldn't have a RAID controller if you felt  differently :)

Reason it works enough to partition is that you are running a different kernel in the installer that loads every driver on the planet to make sure you can install.  GRUB is a loader, so the drivers for the RAID need to be in the kernel itself to read the kernel.  So catch-22. If the drivers aren't built into the kernel then the kernel can't access the partition that has the rest of the operating system. (Don't feel bad, this drives everybody nuts first and sometimes second and third time they see it, if you're like me, you probably tried loading the O/S several times with lots of frustration.  Consider it rite of passage :)

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PanchuxAuthor Commented:
dlethe: I will try installing the OS on a SATA disk connected to the sata controller and not the E200 controller.

wesly: thank you very much for your findings. Those drivers ccould be needed after I install OS.

I'll get back to you in a couple hours,

PanchuxAuthor Commented:
I could install SLES 11 on a SATA drive connected to a port in the server motherboard.
The RAID arrays where correctly detected and I'm using them right now.

I'm glad everything went well. I really appreciate your help,

PanchuxAuthor Commented:
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