Laptop logon hangs

Have a thin client hp 4320t, noticing that when it's plugged into the network, when you boot up and logon at the logon screen (to the domain) it takes like 30 seconds for the login screen to enter and proceed with loading the Windows OS.
However if you unplug the network cable and logon, it logs on very quickly.
Could this be a service or driver causing this hang or DHCP issue?
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Does it happen no matter what username you use?
Check whether the user has a mapped drive that is no longer accessible.
Once you disconnect this drive, the logons should go much smoother.
Double check that your AD is synchronized and that all the DC's have the GC role check (active directory sites and services under the properties of NTDS connections)
Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
What brand of PC do you have? If Dell use the resource CD that came with it, and boot from it and run hardware diagnostics. I would think it is either the network card (most likely) or RAM--if neither of those it may the hard disk drive but run diagnostics on all the hardware--short test first and that passes try individual long tests. Usually short tests on all hardware will show a problem, if its hardware.

Other PC makers let you boot into diagnostics, even with Dell, by pressing the F8 key when you turn the PC on other its F2 or F10 or F12.

Check your event logs to see what shows there at bootup time--it mat help pinpoint causes--check system logs first and if nothing there check the Application logs (Control Panel, Admin Tools, Event Viewer)
it is because when you are unplugged from network you are loging in to local computer while when you are plugged in to network it loads and looks for personal profile from domain server hence taking time..well  i think : !!
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