Obliterate the partition


i am learning about the file structure and back up and accronis..   I do not understand what is on my hard drive.  Please comment.

i just built a system from scratch...
it has a single drive "C"   which the stats say has 214 free of 232 gigs..   = 18 gigs
i then used Accronis to make an image of the drive( a clone )... this onto a brand new drive... This new drive stangley has two partitons.
one identical to the source target C, and the other 16.5 of 54.8 free. when i view it, the smaller partition is marked "System Reserved "   where did this partiton come from....?
how do i obliterate the drive... wipe out the partition, and start over.

two questions... answer any you can please.
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it is a system partition, used with Vista, and Windows 7, and contains boot info  http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-performance/can-i-delete-the-system-reserved-partition-from/656014d2-a516-46e6-a841-d0f9333ecb48


if you want to clear the disk, you can hook the disk to a working PC with W7, and remove the partitions from disk management

you can also use the Boot-it-ng cd (free for this task)   :  www.terabyteunlimited.com/       
make the CD, boot from it -  do not install it on the disk (Cancel)
use partition work, select your disk, and delete the partitions

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intelogentAuthor Commented:
Good Call.... you absolutely right....
i moved the drive from "user1PC"  to "office PC " the latter is set to show hidden files, not the former.


so then for the ghosting to work,  i need both partitions ... yes?  
>>  so then for the ghosting to work  <<  what do you mean?  it has NOTHING to do with it, afaik
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intelogentAuthor Commented:
well firstly, my comment was wrong...
if it is required for boot, then i need it.

but first lets visit this little partition....

this is a system file which i not apparent in my computer, or from the manage my disks window.... but it is viewable from the accronis program....

did Win XP do something like that too?
>> did Win XP do something like that too?

Nope. It started with Vista. And yes, you need both for Vista/W7 to work.

There is suppose to be a way to install V/W7 without the Hidden Partition, but it's a pita to do, and in my opinion, not worth the trouble, unless you really need to do it that way.
Thank you much.   : )
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