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we have a client that is using Exchange cloud services for theit exchange. they want to migrate off of the hosted exchnage and bring it inhouse.

my question is how does one migrate their mail, calender, contacts, etc into the new inhouse exchnage 2007 server?
i know microsoft  have a migration tool "Microsoft Online Services Migration Tools" but that only works from inhouse exchnage to their cloud hosted and not the other wau around

thanks in advance
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AustinComputerLabsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From Outlook you can open the hosted exchange:
Goto File

You can choose to export the data to a .pst file.

The following question explains how to import them back:
You don't have a lot of options

1) you talk to you cloud provider and check if they have a service to export them to PST and deliver the PSTs to you or something like that but I wouldn't bet on it

2) you let each client configure outlook to downld the online mailbox to PST and then connect to the inhouse exchange and upload it back to exchange
There is one Easy Method, if you use Microsoft Outlook 2010.
Trial is available on 

You can configure two exchange in Outlook2010 and once you configure you can drag & drop mails , contacts etc. in between.
I have done this recently by setting up the new exchange account in a new profile, then create another imap account to the old exchange server, provided the hosted exchange allows imap.  Then copy all the emails from the imap account up to the exchange inbox.

Then for the contacts and calendar, export them to a csv file from the old hosted exchange and import them to the new account.  Not sure if this will work for the GAL though.
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