Every component of Adobe Creative Suite fails in one user profile, runs in others

  This problem is occurring on a Windows 7 Pro 64-bit SP1 computer.  It has Adobe Creative Suite 2 CS2 installed.  It has been working for more than a year.  
    Recently, for the primary user of the computer, we're getting "An  error has been detected  with a required application library and the product cannot continue. Please reinstall the application."   I haven't bothered to reinstall CS2 for several reasons, including web postings from others discussing how reinstalling didn't change the problem.
    Another reason I haven't re-installed is that ALL the programs in CS2 work for other users that can log into the computer. If the application was truly broken, it would be broken for all the  other users.
    Adobe, bless their hearts, won't support CS2 because it is not current.
    Other posts suggest that
              a) this is a registration problem
              b) this is a settings problem and that the fix is to delete a directory.
              c) this is an Anti-Virus software problem.

On "a", I can start with the Ctl-Alt-Shift keys and the program starts without the error.
  But, if I then start without the Ctl-Alt-Shift keys, the error is still present.
On "b", the directory listed was referenced on WinXP style directories, and I haven't figured out the corresponding directory in Win7.  The directory in WinXP was C:\D&S\User\ApplicationData\Adobe\settings  ( I think - I haven't been able to re-find that posting.)
On "c", I've tried disabling the active scan portion, but it didn't make any difference.  The computer is running VIPRE, and has been before and after the problem.  It is also running VIPRE for all the other users that CAN run CS2 apps, so that doesn't seem like it is the problem.

I've compared the C:\Users\Username\AppData folders between the primary user and the others.  It's not clear to me which folder I would delete, since most reference a specific applicaiton (like InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop, etc) and this problem happens for every CS2 app.  I haven't looked through the registry yet.

I'm thinking to back up the whole disk, then delete the user's profile, and then re-create it, and then put back their documents, email, contacts, bookmarks, etc.  That's a fair amount of trouble, but it should work.  

Is there an easier way?
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David BruggeCommented:

I'm also of the opinion that reinstalling won't fix the problem, but hey, it couldn't hurt AND it is a heck of a lot easier than deleting a user directory and rebuilding.

The problem with "An  error has been detected  with a required application library..." as you are aware, is that the error doesn't tell you which required library is causing the problem. We can deduct from the fact that others are able to launch and operate from the same file set that the problem is likely not with the actual library, but the link to the library.
Once again, without knowing which link is at fault, it's hard to track down. That is why the usual solution is to create a new user and to log in and see if that makes the problem go away.

If it were a single application and not a suite, I would say go ahead and reinstall and see what happens. For a whole suite, I probably wouldn't bother. I would go straight to creating a new user and see if it works. If it does, then perhaps, start the labor of moving everything else over.

In the mean time, I will ask some buddies if they know of a shortcut.

One other solution...you know, they've added a lot of nice stuff since CS2. (just sayin')
David BruggeCommented:
By the way...you haven't added any new  peripherals such as new mouse, or keyboard or printer drivers lately, have you?
studiosAuthor Commented:
There are many new shiny things in CS5 and/or CS-X, aren't there?  My concern there, besides the cost of the $uite, is that this same problem will probably manifest after completing the install unless I get it straightened out here.
No, no new printer drivers, but I think there have been device-driver-type things that have come or gone.  But they would have come and gone for the other users, as well, and they still work.
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David BruggeCommented:
I asked some folks at Adobe about a better way than deleting and rebuilding a profile and this is their response:

Sorry, but even that is not guaranteed to work. CS2 is unsupported under Windows 7 and using it on a 64 bit machine adds a whole new level of complexity. It's time for your friend to upgrade. Troubleshooting this installation will be nothing but an exercise in futility.

It's also worth noting that CS2 is the earliest version eligible for upgrade pricing. You can save a few bucks along with free shipping on Amazon: http://amzn.to/h0SwTa

Your friend's call of course. But if he really wants to stick with CS2 he should roll back to XP SP2. Anything later than that is a crapshoot.

In light of that, I would proceed with your plans to rebuild the user profile. Start by creating a new profile and trying out the suite. If it works, transfer everything over to the new profile, delete the old profile then rename the new one to the old name.

Best of luck to you, and let us know how it works out.

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studiosAuthor Commented:
Hmm.  I see a number of postings about this problem from people who are running Win XP..  At one point in time, Adobe had to actually help people with this problem, instead of blowing them off.  I see postings for the problem from people at CS3 and CS4 as well.

Also, although I can appreciate that CS2 is not supported in the Windows 7 64 bit environment, they would have had to have supported it for those unlucky users who had the misfortune to buy Windows XP 64 bit.

And it has run on this Windows 7 64-bit machine for well over a year, so I know it works - usually.

But, that's just me complaining, and possibly using logic.

Thanks a lot for running it up the Adobe flagpole, though!  :-)
David BruggeCommented:
I agree with you. I think this was their way to say "I haven't the foggiest idea and no one's paying me to get in there and dig for a solution that I might not even be able to find." I'm sorry that I couldn't come up with something more definitive.

On the other hand, I have also read quite a few of the posts about this problem, and it occurs to me that it is caused by a host of things that can go wrong, so trouble shooting is not a simple go here and fix this, else go here and fix that sort of thing.
studiosAuthor Commented:
Looks like its some kind of rights or permissions issue.  Now, the only user who can run the software without getting the error is the network administrator.  Even new user profiles are getting the error (but not the administrator).   Next step is to make users local admins and see if that changes anything.  It wasn't necessary before, but.....
David BruggeCommented:
Your computer doesn't like you.
David BruggeCommented:
Is it possible that you have a registry restore point from prior to all of this trouble happening?
studiosAuthor Commented:
I think we used to, but they've scrolled away with time.
Now, the CS2 Suite will only run when the Administrator user is logged in. For any other user, it gives the message about needing a re-install.  Which I don't believe, since it works for Administrator.  Even if I give the other users Administrator equivalences, they don't work and give the "reinstall" message.  

I've come to think the problem is unsolvable, since other postings on other sites say they have uninstalled and reinstalled and still gotten the same message. It must be a rights issue on either  a file or a registry setting, but which one?  When we upgrade from CS2 to CS5 or CS-X, we'll be able to whine at Adobe and actually get them to pay attention and get it fixed.  Until then, I have to leave the user logging in as the Administrator.  Since they are the owner of the (small) company, that isn't as horrible as it would be in most situations.

I'm going to accept your solution above so you get the points, even though it isn't a "solution" per-see.
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