How can I undo / stop a hotel broadband redirect?

I stayed in a hotel and used their broadband facility. Now I'm back at my home office, every time I try to go to I am still being redirected to the hotel page. I used Google Chrome at the hotel and want to continue using Google Chrome at home. But I cant figure out how to prevent the redirection.

Any clues?
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qprjohn121Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
OK solved it now, thanks for your inputs which helped without being the precise solution so I will share the points.

The issue was specific to Google Chrome settings since no redirection occurred with IE. Within Google Chrome, I clicked the spanner icon at the top right of the window and chose Tools --> Clear Browsing Data... --> then unchecked all boxes except 'Empty the cache' (I didn't want to lose all my browsing history) and clicked the Clear Browsing Data button.

That solved it. Hope this helps someone else.

Check  your TCP/IP settings for the following:

1) Make sure the DNS servers are not "stuck" at the hotels (they should be supplied by your CURRENT DHCP)
2) Make sure they did not install a proxy for you (you do not want this)
qprjohn121Author Commented:
Ok sounds good thanks n2fc. But I am a bit more of a networking beginner than perhaps you realise - could you point me to where I would look to find and fix these settings please? I am on Windows Vista if that makes a difference.

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qprjohn121Author Commented:
I should also add that I may recall accepting a prompt to use a proxy - so this is likely to be the issue. How do I fix this?

Easier way to reset your setting is

Open Internet Explorer => Tools => Internet Options => Advanced => Reset

It will reset everything. Also go to Control Panel => Network and Sharing Center => Connections => Properties => TCP/IP v4 set everything to automatic.

That will solve your problem
In the control panel (Start Menu -> Control Panel)
Open Internet Options.
Go to the connections tab, click the LAN settings button at the bottom.
clear any settings you see there, specifically the Proxy Server checkbox.
Click OK and close the windows.

Next open the Network and Sharing Center from the control panel.
Look for your network adapter and click the link "Connections: " points to. (Probably "Local Area Connection" or "Wireless Connection")
Click Properties.
In the scroll window,  highlight "Internet Protocol Version 4" and click properties.
Set the options to "obtain automatically".
Click OK, close all windows.

Test if the internet works as expected.
qprjohn121Author Commented:
Solved it myself but I am trying to share the points amongst those who tried to help me. Hope it works, apols if not.
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