Install Shield Limited Edition No Application Files

Hi  I have just upgraded to Visual Studio 2010 and an trying to get the limited copy of install shield working.

My application has an exe and a number of dll’s.

I followed to seven-point wizard through “Application Information”,” Installation Requirements”,” Installation Architecture” to the “Application files” but when I click on the primary output of my project no files appear in the “Visual studio Output Selector” window?
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NavneetConnect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:

1. The Working Project and Setup Project is in same Solution
2. if not then select File instead of primary output and select the exe from the file Selection Dialog

Let me know if I am wrong
Have you built the project? In debug configuration or Release?
steve2918Author Commented:
Yes the project is built
steve2918Author Commented:
Hi Despite the fact that the installation project was created from with the solution it was not adding it to the solution (and therefore not adding the files).

I did a file/add/existing project then added it and it started working

The installshield documentation is very poor in my view
Have other problems so I may post tomorrow, watch out.


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