Acrobat Add-In Stops Word 2007 From Loading

Here is a strange one;

I recently reformatted my hard disk and reinstalled most the programs, including office Professional 2007 and Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard (not the free version).

When I attempt to open a document, any document, in Word I received the following message:


This error usually occurs because of macro security settings. If you know that the macro comes from a source that you trust, you can change your macro security settings to allow you to enable the macro. The way that you change your macro security settings depends on the Microsoft Office System program that you are using. Microsoft Office Access, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, or Microsoft Office Word --

To check your macro security settings, click the Microsoft Office Button, click <program ame> Options, click Trust Center, and then click Trust Center Settings. If macro security is set to Disable all macros without notification, all macros are automatically disabled. Use the following procedure to enable the macro:
1. In the Trust Center dialog box, click Macro Settings, and then click Disable all macros with notification.
2. Click OK in the Trust Center dialog box to apply the new setting. Click OK to close the program options dialog box.
3. Close the file and the Microsoft Office program that you are using.

Open the file again. A Security Alert appears in the Document Information Bar just below the ribbon. Click Enable Content to allow the
macro to run. ......



After clicking OK several times the document finally opens but when I try to save or close it, I go through the same rigmarole - extremely frustrating!

I followed Microsoft instructions to the letter; I also disabled anything that might be stopping or holding  Word back to no avail -- nothing worked! .... that is, until I disabled all the ".Com" Add-Ins. (When I enable only the Acrobat Add-In, Word returns ito its bad behaviour).

I am totally baffled because I had it all working fine for over a year before I reformatted the computer this time around - I am taking about the same computer, the same operating system, the same programs and even the same hard disk structure AND ... this particular Add-In IS installed on Access, Excel and Outlook with no problems whatsoever.

(I noticed that adobe acknowledge the problem with Word 2010 but not 2007)

Whilst I can workaround this problem by printing into PDF printer, I rather use the the Add-In; and as I used it before there is no reason why I cannot do it again; in fact I used conversions between .DOC and PDF (and vice versa) frequently and hardly any other format.

Can some one please get me out of my misery? :-(

Vista Home Premium 64 bit (fully patched)
Office Professional 2007 (SP 2)
Adobe Acrobat Standard (Ver 9.4.3)

Thank you

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Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
what is your sequence of installations?

Dis you install Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard  before you install Office 2007?

Try uninstall Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard and remove the word global template, normal.dotm; open word 2007 to re-create the normal.dotm; restart Vista; and re-install Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard to see whether the problem is fixed.

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jyk_ausAuthor Commented:
Thanks Jackieman,

Firstly, success!!!

I am not absolutely certain about the sequence in which I installed Office and Adobe as I had a pack of installation CD's and I put them in one after the other - I think that Office went in first because this is the way I normally do it.

Be that as it may, I followed your suggestion but it did not work. Whilst I was tearing my hair (both of them :-) I noticed that the preamble to the error message that I had quoted above says something to the effect that I supposedly did not installed support for macro -- It made even less sense as I already have Access running VBA and macro happily. Nevertheless I reinstalled office enabling everything, just in case, but still no joy.

It then occurred to me that I did only one thing different this time;

My Office Professional 2007 is in fact an UPGRADE; I have full versions of both Office Professional 2002 (English Edition) and Office Home and Students 2007 (Hebrew Edition) - I installed the latter first but this time I installed ONLY Word,  Hebrew dictionary that I need  and English Language Pack (to run Word in English), rather than do a full install,  thinking that that it would suffice for the upgrade to take -- indeed it was and the upgrade installed without a hitch, or so I thought.

I then decided to eliminate that one difference, uninstalled Office completely, did a full install of the home edition including VBA support; it loaded with Adobe Add-In working fine, I then installed Babylon (a dictionary program) Add-In -- still all working fine -- Only then installed the upgrade and ... bingo!  I am in business again :-)

It would not occur to me in a months of Sundays that the upgrade would simply ignore my VBA support install (and silently at that!!!)  because it was not in the "base" program

Thank you for taking the time to help me, all points to you.


Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
You are welcome. Glad to know that you have the problem solved. Cheers!
jyk_ausAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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