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Dear experts,

I have one yahoo id, in which lot of bad/dirty junk emails keeping flowing. some of the emils flowing are unsolicited and might contain links to adult website.

Recently i have seen emails going frm that emaild to varius people/contacts. This content was lembarrasing.

I havetwo laptops, one which has got avg full licenced anti vrius software. The other laptop is mainly used to read various online unsubscrined news papers.

I then immediately deleted all te conact details in this email id.

What i want to know how i that these emails have been sent from my email id.

Is there a oftware or routine which can help me clean such viruses.

Both laptops are acer and one with windows vista and one wiith windows 7.

Kindly help.
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younghvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you say they are going from that Email ID, do you mean they are in the "Sent Items" folder?

If so, then your account has been compromised and you are going to need to change your password and security questions.

A more likely scenario is that your email address has been grabbed by a SPAM bot and these emails are being sent from somewhere else - with your return address being inserted in the "From" line.

Quite often I will receive "Joke" type emails that have been forwarded repeatedly - with a long string of email addresses being displayed as each person forwards them.

Whenever I get one of those from a "friend", I have an anonymous email sent to them from this site:

selimfelexConnect With a Mentor Commented:
go to your email settings and rais the level of you spam filter to  higher level on yahoo mail options
-- mark all unwanted emails and click on mark as spam
- change your password to a stronger password
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