Use Standard or Enterprise edition?

I'm looking at hosting servers. I'm working on an app that will have 5 to 10 users in ...initially 10 offices but one day it could be 1000 offices.

It's for a medical office, we'll store doctor info, appoitment, i will have PDF files BUT won't save it in the database. I will have jobs scheduled,

This is SQL 2008 This is production server. Should I choose Standard or Enterprise?
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If you currently only have 5-10 users then standard version should work fine, unless you need some features of Enterprise edition which I am not aware of.

When you get to 10 offices you will have enough other infrastructure in place to warrant an enterprise server.

When you have 1000 offices you are talking the scale and complexity which you donot know at this time.

My advice stick with the Standard version for now and then upgrade as necessary
I'd start with standard for now unless you're running SQL Server on a machine with more than 4 processors.  The standard edition will limit you to a maximum of four.  Also, considering that you'll be handling data entry and retrieval types of tasks, Standard will be more than sufficient for you.  In the long run, if you expand, you can upgrade.
Racim BOUDJAKDJIDatabase Architect - Dba - Data ScientistCommented:
Standard only limits the use of 4VCPU's so for a thousand user's I'd go for Enterprise.  Really depends on the metrics of the application and how fast you expect to reach a higher number of users.
CamilliaAuthor Commented:
i think i can leave it as standard until we get a better understanding of the app.
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