Terminal Server (RDS) Win2008 - licensing issue

Hi experts:

I have a client who bought a win2008 server with 20cals for remote desktops service (term services).  I enabled the terminal services role on the server and installed this license pack.  See the graphics below.  I see where I have installed the lcienses but when I use the server I get the message that the license will expire.
Can someone explain what I have done wrong or how to turn off the message.  

 rds popup error license mgr view
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As simpsol states calling the the best way to activate the server, the methods are described here:


In the past if you used any method other than phone activation you would have to re activate after two years or somrthing like that.

Here is a step by step:
You need to call MS and activate the license
I have a similar problem with a custumer. The problem was that the windows 2008 server has the terminal server licenses, but the windows was not activated. I don't know if this could help.
martinmcginleyAuthor Commented:
I was actually able to go to the remote destop mangem
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