Joomla 1.6 delete module positions

I've upgraded to Joomla 1.6. When I go to assign a module to a position all of the positions are listed, even from templates that have been deleted. This creates a huge list for me to sift through. Also my
position filter doesn't seem to be working, so even if I select to see only positions from a certain template I still get all of the positions.

I'd like to remove some of these positions from the list, but can't find where they are coming from. I know that some are listed in the templateDetails.xml file, but what about the ones from templates that have been uninstalled? For example atomic-search and atomic-sidebar positions are listed, but the atomic template has been deleted. Are these positions stored somewhere in the database? Any help would be great.

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I think you will need to remove those templates to remove them from the module manager. Or, you can use the template filter drop down to only view positions for the active template.
Sorry, I see that you have already removed them. Let me test this.
OK, question. Are there ANY file left in templates/atomic? How did you delete the templates?
elliottbenzleAuthor Commented:
The template was deleted through regular uninstall. I've looked for files and don't see any. At least not in the tempaltes folder.
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