Item updated in database after savechanges but linq to entity query can't find update

Hello Experts,

In my controller, I have an ActionResult method that calls an Add and after that does SaveChanges.

When I query the database in SQL server, I get the item with all the fields updated properly. But, when I run the query in linq, I can't get the item (it returns 0 for the entries it found for a specific id). However, querying for other items works fine.

Is there another call I need to make to update the EF from the database update? What else could be the problem?

Thanks a ton!
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freezegravityConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Ah ... figured it out ... it was updating right and there is nothing I need to do additionally to get the data back to EF. My query from linq was bad .. it was querying another table/class and looking for the id as a foreign key ... corrected it and things work!
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