total a calculated field in report in access 2000

I have a field in my report that contains the following calculation ([Total(mins)]\60 & Format([Total(mins)] Mod 60,"\:00")). I cannot get the report to total this field. The error returned is "The expression is typed incorrectly, or it is too complex to be evaluated" I promise I have tried to fix this but failed. Help would be appreciated.
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What is your Function Total?
I have A2003 and its Aggregate functions do not include Total()
Maybe you want Sum()??
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howardlAuthor Commented:
Hi GRayL

Sum() doesn't work, that's when I get the error. I've tried putting sum round the calculation but it makes no difference.
If this question is related to your previous:
try to use:
 (Sum([Total(mins)])\60 & Format(Sum([Total(mins)]) Mod 60,"\:00"))
howardlAuthor Commented:
That is what I did and it returns that error. Thanks anyway als315
My point earlier was that there is no such function as Total() - unless you created it as a user defined function.  In the Immediate Pane type this example

mins = 689
? Int(mins/60) & (Mins Mod 60)

Is the line above the output format you want?

If not, can you show us what you want your formatted result to look like if mins = 689 ?
I suppose Total(mins) is a field name. If you have [Total(mins)] in source query and report have same name of field, change field name in report to
Total(mins)1, for example, and try same:
(Sum([Total(mins)])\60 & Format(Sum([Total(mins)]) Mod 60,"\:00"))

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howardlAuthor Commented:
Thanks als315. That did it
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