Problem with shellexecute and Delphi XE

The following code worked fine in Delphi 2010.  I recently moved to Delphi XE. I am attempting to launch another application from within a Delphi app.

      if ShellExecute(0, nil, PChar('c:\temp\newapp.exe), nil, nil, SW_SHOW) <= 32 then
           Application.MessageBox('Couldn''t execute the application',
                                  'Error', MB_ICONEXCLAMATION);

This will return an error that says"The program or feature "\??\c:\temp\newapp.exe" cannot start or run due to incompatibility with 64 bit version of Windows.

The error message comes up because the PChar typecast is placing "\??\" in front of the string "c:\temp\newapp.exe".

I believe it may be something in Delphi XE that I must turn off or turn on, but I have no idea.

I can duplicate this problem in a simple app everytime using ShellExecute.  

Who can help me?  I am running a 64-bit machine with Windows 7.

Lee Mc Cauley
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profitsourceAuthor Commented:
Problem has been solved.  I am sorry for wasting anyone's time. The problem was with a corrupted file that I was attempted to execute.

Thank you,
You have forgotten the second inverted comma for your app string...

ShellExecute(0, nil, PChar('c:\temp\newapp.exe'), nil, nil, SW_SHOW) <= 32 then
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profitsourceAuthor Commented:
I don't see how your answer has anything to do with the problem I am having.

Besides, one of the links you sent me was in German.

profitsourceAuthor Commented:

My previous comment was for systan.

That was a typo on my part when submitting this question.  In my app, it is there.

If I would not have it in my app, it wouldn't even compile. So that is not the issue.

I'm not German, sorry for the link, but I think you have the idea now, to wOwdisable if executing 32b from 64b app.

I know you understand the function.
good that you replaced
if ShellExecute(0, OPEN,
if ShellExecute(0, nil,

corrupted file?
that's the number one reason the file would not ran
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