Ricoh 3228c, stapler not working on Windows 7

I have a TCP/IP attached Ricoh 3228C printer on a new Windows 7 workstation. As you can see in the attached image, the stapler function is unavailable. The "Information" box gives several conditions (neither 2 Tray Finisher nor Booklet Finisher is installed, Document Server is selected ... etc.).

The thing, is, this function is available on the XP workstations (also TCP/IP connected) and it staples just fine. The Information box appears to simply be generic since none of these conditions must be true or the XP couldn't staple either.

I've just downloaded and installed the latest 3228C driver from Ricoh, still no luck.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?
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so are all the points in the error installed or selected

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MarkAuthor Commented:
I have no idea. How would I determine this? Are these mechanical attachments to the printer? I've never really messed with the actual printer. Are you thinking that these requirements are ignored in the XP version driver?
The installation of some printer drivers uses an 'auto-discovery' feature to determine the capabilities of, and options installed on, the target device.

Some drivers don't have this feature, and it doesn't always work anyway, in which case you have to 'configure' the driver to let it know what options are present.

Whilst logged in with administrator credentials, on the 'Printer Properties' dialogue for the printer, select the 'Device Settings' tab, and set the state of the relevant options from 'Not installed' to 'Installed'.

This, or course, assumes that the model you have does actually have the relevant hardware options fitted!
As DansDadUK has pointed out, you need to configure your print queue with the installed options the machine has available. This can be done through "auto configure" or manually. On Sharp MFP's, the auto configuration button is located under the configuration tab (right click on print queue > printer properties (on Windows 7 on Windows XP it is properties) > and then the configuration tab). The auto configure button is near the top on the right side. You push this, it sends a signal to the machine and the machine replies with the installed options. It will either install them for you or it will prompt a box and tell you what options it has available. You can also go to the XP machine and look at the installed options and add them manually on the Windows 7 machine. Either way, this will resolve your issue.
MarkAuthor Commented:
OK - fixed! I followed the ideas expressed in IanTh 35358972, and DansDadUK 35361155:

Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printer.

Right-click on the Ricoh printer, select "Printer Properties" (not "Properties"!).

Click "Change Properties" Button.

Select "Accessories" tab.

Check 'Tray 3'

Check '2 Tray Finisher' (see image)

click Update Now
click OK

Then, the "staple" option can be selected in File > Print > Properties (e.g. Word)
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