Why is my speed test fine, but I fail the ping test

When I go to speedtest.net my download is 20 and my upload is 3.81 which is what Comast promises me, so no issues here.

However, when I go to pingtest.net I get an F grade with 86% packet loss, Ping 36 ms, and Jitter at 3ms.  

Why is indicating such a poor ping..my speed seems pretty good...Note I turned off my firewall, antivirus, and tried the ping from different servers.  Please advise.
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
As long as one ping packet gets through, it's doin its job, which is to see if the remote node is reachable.  As a performance metric, ping packets are ... hmmm ... not my first choice.

If the bandwidth is as promised, and connections are reliable, then I personally don't care about incoming pings, and indeed my firewall is set to drop them.  

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If you have ping problemas and packet loss try checking there is no noise on the phone line (if you have xDsl), or intereference problems if you're using wifi, or the TV signal quality (if you're using cable and you have Internet by the same wire). Your problem seems to be that the information gets corrupted so it has to be retrasmited several times to get through

hope it helps
pbo1Author Commented:
I have broadband service..same connection services tv and Internet...how would I check for interference...
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pbo1Author Commented:
Here is a response I got from a person where I first discovered speedtest.net

There is a new comment on the post "Broadband Upgrade".

Author: Kieran
When testing a straight ping time, one or so packets should be enough. pingtest.net tests more than this however so that's why the EE responder is not completely correct.

In addition to measuring the ping time from your machine to the test host the test site sends multiple pings to this same host and calculates the weighted average difference between the different results. This gives you "jitter", a measure of how much your ping time varies over multiple attempts. A good connection will be largely consistent between ping attempts so your jitter will not vary by more than a milliseconds. Your jitter seems reasonable.

The third and final component of the test is probably the most important. The above two metrics can only be calculated for the packets that actually arrive. Packet loss is a measure of the probability that a request sent from your machine will actually arrive. This is done by sending 250 ping packets from your machine to the test host. The test host receives and counts these and then sends the results data back to your browser. This tells you essentially what the probability is that a request sent from your machine (say to load a website) will actually arrive rather than failing and having to be resent. The more resends are required, the slower your traffic will travel.

In your case, the tests show that when a request does arrive it travels quickly, however in a large percentage of cases requests sent do not arrive at all. Given that data arriving is more important rather than how quickly it gets there (quality over quantity) this results in the test giving you such a low score - 86% of requests failing is very poor.

Normally I wouldn't speculate as to why this might happen but it must be said that the most common is a weak wireless connection. To rule this out, connect directly to your router with a cable and run the test again. In 90% of cases the packet loss will then tend toward zero.
pbo1Author Commented:
Ok, so I switched out my Motorola SBG6580 cable/modem for a Linksys Cable Modem and a Linksys E2000 router and now my ping test is PERFECT.  Why is that ?  

Note on my Motorola Cable Modem/Router I did have ports open for IP camersas (Port 80, 81811, and 82828).  Per the Linksys IP camera I need to have port 80 open/associated with the IP address of the camera.  Any commection ?
maybe there's a problem with the firmware of the router/firmware of the cable modem. Try updating them.
pbo1Author Commented:
Glad to have no packet loss :)
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