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Hello experts,

Is there any script that can log people automatically into Google Analytics? I want to implement a link from my PHP application to Google Analytics, but don't want to login everytime.

I'm only using my own Google account, so I don't need something fancy.

Would be nice if a solution like "" was possible.

Thank you!
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It is a huge job to implement. If you don't want to deal with implementation and spend days of trying to solve hows & problems, I suggest you to just pay $4 - $5 and go on with your project.

If you are willing to pay, there are such classes for PHP;

These classes could gather your statistics from Google Analytics.
Hi sittinDuck,
I don't think anything like that exists, what with the large security concerns in having the password visible in the URL.
Your best bet is to use the gdata export oauth api, some docs on it over here, but it can be a big job to implement:
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