Fujitsu 4120C not scanning in Color on Windows 7

I've installed a new WIN7 workstation and a Fujitsu fi-5120c scanner that worked fine when previous installed with XP. I've installed a new Adobe Acrobate X and the latest scanner driver from Fujitsu. The scanner works fine when scanning black and white, but when I try to scan color it hangs everything after 1/2 a page. I have to reboot in order to get the scanner back.

I've searched Fujitsu's knowledge base and googled all over, but I've found nothing other than to install the most recent driver (which I've done). Before I contact Fujitsu directly (if that's possible), does anyone have any ideas?
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
I seem to remember seeing this issue before here on EE, but I can't find the posting.

Have you tried VueScan ?  It supports numerous scanners including the 4120C.
does it scan correct from paint?   file>import from scanner ?
also, i suppose here there are no errors in device manager?
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Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
Do you mean Adobe Acrobat X or Adobe Acrobat Reader X?

Try to remove Adobe Acrobat X and install Adobe Acrobate 9 and try again.
You need to bring up fujitsu's organic driver and make sure you choose 24 bit color as the default. You can do that using Irfanview a free download Select the twain source first then click Acquire/Batch Scanning and the organic driver will pop up. Once you make the changes for color scanning in the fujitsu driver it should work.
MarkAuthor Commented:
nobus: I'll try the paint scan tomorrow - what the heck. Error-wise, see attached image.

jackieman: It is Adobe Acrobat X Standard. This is a work computer and I don't have a choice about changing it.

VirtualScan: I've done as you've instructed. I had options of 24bit, 256 color and 8 color. I selected 24bit, OK? I set this up remotely so I will have to test in the office tomorrow.
Hi, let me know what you find when you get to the office but based on your image it looks like you may need to reinstall the most current driver from the fujitsu website.
MarkAuthor Commented:
VirtualScan: installing the most current driver was the advice on the Fujitsu KB site. Did that. Most recent driver is installed.
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
Have you tried to scan to jpeg format?
MarkAuthor Commented:
VirtualScan: setting the "organic" driver to 24bit color made it so now it won't scan anything at all, even B&W. I will try re-installing the driver. Maybe there was an issue with that.
That is odd, there could be a problem with the scanner. Maybe try a different computer and see what happens. If you have the same result its probably a scanner issue. I will check with Fujitsu and see if they
have seen this before in the meantime.  
did you scan from paint?  any results - as promised?
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
Do you connect the scanner to a USB hub (an external-powered one, not bus-powered one?

Or you connect the scanner directly to the computer?

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Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
Download UVCView.x86.exe as shown below.

With the scanner connected, run UVCView.x86.exe to see the USB driver details.

I asuume that your windows 7 is 32 bit.
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
Besides, do you install the printer/scanner software prior to connecting the Fujitsu 4120C to your computer.

According to JS, try the following:-

Step By Step Instructions:
1) Disconnect the multi-function printer or scanner.
2) Uninstall the printer/scanner software and twain drivers using
the Add/Remove programs option.
3) Look/search for folders associated with your printer/scanner model that
contain 'Twain' files, if the folder(s) still exist after the uninstall,
then delete these files and the associated folders.

Note: In the list of files that Search has found you can ignore any
files listed in:

NOTE: In the C:\WINDOWS\twain_32 folder you may have
one or more files. The one "not to delete" is named: wiatwain.ds
(wiatwain.ds is installed by Windows XP)
Any additional files in this folder were most likely created when you
installed the printer/scanner. Check each files 'Properties' and if has the
brand of your scanner (Epson, Cannon, HP, Etc) identified as the
company/brand, those files can be safely deleted.

On my PC I have my HP scanner's twain file located in:
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Precisionscan Pro 3.1\TwainCtrl.ocx
There should be something similar on your PC, so in my case at least
I would uninstall the HP Scanner software and if that 'TwainCtrl.ocx file
is still there after uninstalling the scanner software I would delete it.
I also have a second twain file named 'Twain_32.dll' located in:
C:\Program Files\Adaptec\Easy CD Creator 5\PhotoRelay

4) Check Device Manager and remove any entries if necessary.
5) Create a Restore Point
6) Scan registry using the brand name/make of the scanner as key word for
search. (Delete any entries found, but be certain it's a scanner related
7) Reboot the PC and once again check Device Manager,
it should not show any listings for the printer/scanner.
8) Now reinstall the software and twain drivers.
9) Shutdown the PC.
10) With the PC power off, connect the printer/scanner and then
restart/boot to Windows.

Note: Sometimes it's might help if you try a different USB port if you
printer/scanner is a USB device.

MarkAuthor Commented:
Tried downloading and installing latest driver, again. No luck, same thing.

nobus: Scanning from paint ... YES! That worked! Could it be an Adobe Acrobat thing?

jackieman 35394349: no USB hub, direct connection.

jackieman 35394398: Start, right-click Computer > Properties shows: Windows & Professional. System Type says, "64 bit Operating System".

jackieman 35394489: There isn't much in the Programs list, no driver. In Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers, I can right-click on the scanner and, drilling down to the driver, I can unistall the driver there, which I have done numerous time. Then I reinstall from a download from Fujitsu (btw VirtualScan, the right link for this driver is:, but thanks for the initial level). I've even tried faking it out to force installation of a different version, but I get a message saying, "Windows has determined that this is the best driver for your scanner", or something close to that.

I have move this around to different USB devices, often.

hmmm, if it works with Paint ... ?
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
It should be the adobe acrobat x problem.

I do not have adobe acrobat x, I only have acrobat x reader and it causes conflict with my handwriting tablet software.

In acrobat x, goto Preferences, in general tab, uncheck "enabled protected mode at startup".
ah -  if it works with paint - it is obviously another software causing it.
uninstall Acrobat, then test again
if still problems uninstall the scanner software -  and try installing from the install CD
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
If still no go, I think that as I mention earlier, your scanner is an old model which is not compatabile with Acrobat X. Acrobat 8 standard is bundled with your scanner.

You might need to un-install Acrobat X; install Acrobat 8 standard and re-install the TWAIN driver.

There are patched for Acrobat 9.43 only.

Actually, Acrobat X is not compatabile with a number of software, including Office 2007.
MarkAuthor Commented:
jackieman: you are right, Acrobat 8 was bundled with the scanner. Can't install Acrobat 8. Tried that. It couldn't find ADOBEPDF.dll. When I grabbed that dll from another computer, it installed, but hung whenever one opened Acrobat at all. That is why we went to X in the first place.

BUT !!! ... not so fast ...

I tried using some different software, specifically, the IfranView program I installed pursuant to VirtualScan's suggestion in 35366799. Interestingly, under File > Select Twain Source, it shows two sources as I've shown in the 1st image. If I select the "WIA-fi-5120cdj 1.0 (32-32)" driver, it scans in color, no problem; just like paint. When I select the "FUJITSU fi-5120dj 9.21 (32-32)" driver, a scan request first brings up the dialog as shown in the 2nd image. This is the so-called "organic" driver as mentioned by VirtualScan in the same referenced post. If I select "24-bit color" on this form, "CRASH", that's all she wrote! As per usual, it hangs up after scanning 1/2 a page.

So, if I can figure out how to scan from Acrobat using the WIA driver ....

Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
To scan a page directly to PDF:

1. On the Quick Tools toolbar, click the Create button and choose PDF from Scanner from the drop-down menu circle-a.jpg. The Acrobat Scan dialog opens.
     The Quick Tools toolbar lets you scan a paper document directly to PDF.
     The Acrobat Scan dialog lets you control how your scanned document is converted to PDF.
2. From the Scanner pop-up menu, choose the scanner you want to use. This menu lists all the TWAIN and WIA scanners visible to your computer.
3. Choose the settings for the scan:
    * If your scanner can do double-sided scans, choose Front Sides or Both Sides from the Sides menu.
    * If you want to convert scanned text to searchable text, select the Make Searchable check box.

    The remaining controls in this dialog are best left at their default settings. Check Acrobat Help for a description of them.
4. Click Scan.
    Acrobat scans your document and opens the resulting file in a new PDF document window.
5. Choose File > Save As to save your new PDF file to your disk.

MarkAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the long delay in response. I've had a hornet's nest of issue with installing Windows 7.

jackieman, I followed you detailed procedure in 35394489. In fact, there were other places the Fujitsu Twain software was to be found that were not removed by the uninstall process. In particular, there was a Fujitsu folder in C:\WINDOWS\twain_32, as you suggested.

I removed all that. I checked the TWAIN selections in both Iview and Acrobat. Both still showed the WIA-f1-5120Cdj driver, so I guess I didn't find everything!

This driver works in single sided mode (for double-sided it wants to scan all side A, then your re-insert to scan all side B), but there are no presents so, for example, it defaults to Legal size (why?) and you have to choose letter size each time.

So, I tried reinstalling the latest Fujitsu driver, yet again, with the same results: scans 1/2 the page, then hangs until the message shown in 35389275 appears :(surprise, surprise).

I guess I'm out of ideas. I will try to contact Fujitsu tommorrow and see if I can get any help. Interestingly, the release notes for the driver states:

"This software suppors 256 color and 8 color. We know that there are some software applications [that] do not provide support for these two functionss. They are Adobe Photo Shop and Adobe Acrobat ..."

perhaps 24 bit color is an issue too!
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
I see.

Your OS is Windows 7 Pro?

If yes, you may need to install XP mode and install Acrobat 8 Standard and the Fujitsu Scanner driver  inside XP mode to do the scanning of 24 bit color.

It seems that your old Fujitsu sanner will not work with Acrobat X and neither Fujitsu or Adobe will work out a fix.

As helpdesk support, Win 7 is easier to maintain but most old input hardware will not work properly such as scanner and at a results, we need to buy new model of the scanner.
MarkAuthor Commented:
jackieman: yes, WIN7 PRO. I tried installing Acrobat 8, but there was a dll missing and it wouldn't work. Also, Adobe help wouldn't talk to me because Acrobat 8 is no longer supported. Interestingly, a WIN7 system installed about a year ago works file with Acrobat 8 and this scanner. I suppose things have changed in WIN7 since then.

I suppose if I can't get any joy from Fujitsu on this we'll just have to live with B&W scans in Acrobat. If we switch to the WIA driver, we can get color. Changing scanners is not a option at the moment. These scanners were almost $900 each and there are 10 or so in the office. Mechanically, they work fine. That's a lot of money for upgrading simply for a new Windows version.
MarkAuthor Commented:
Well folks, after all that, here's the solution: USB 2.0!!!!!!!

That's right, when I plugged the scanner into a USB 2.0 port it started working.

When I unplugged the scanner recently to reset another hang from testing, I noticed the "this device can perform faster ..." message indicating that it was plugged into a USB 1.0 port. I recall having see other web posts with USB issues, plus jacikeman's USB posts in this issue 35394349, 35394398, and I noticed that one of the projects installed by the Fujitsu driver setup was a "USB hotfix" program. With all that I thought, "gee, let's see what happens if I plug this into USB 2.0". And voila!
MarkAuthor Commented:
While jackieman's USB comments weren't exactly the solution, they were the closest and I'd have probably found the solution earlier had I gone down the USB road. I didn't even know I had the scanner plugged into USB 1.0 and I can't explain why software other than Adobe seemed to have no problem. Oh well. Thanks all.
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