Soundcard Problems with HDMI

My PC is an HP e9150t quad core machine using an Intel i7 CPU (920@2.67 GHz). I have 8 GB of RAM and am running Windows 7 Home Premium-64-Bit.

I am using 2 ATI Video cards (the 4650 came installed with the PC and I added the 4550). I'm in the process of upgrading from 2 monitors (and an HDTV) to 4 monitors (and an HDTV). So far, the following activities have been SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED:

- With all 4 monitors connected (through HDMI and/or DVI connections), everything displays on the 4 computer monitors, as desired
- Thanks to the recommendation of Expert Exchange, I was turned on to (which is amazingly fantastic), and purchased a 1 x 4 HDMI/video splitter so that one of my monitors is  duplicated on my HDTV to allow movies, etc. to be watched (that originate from my PC). This has also been successfully completed

As I booted up my system today, I was greeted with a problem that Expert Exchange has successfully resolved in the past. Namely, when I want to listen to my HDTV and watch something downloaded through the Internet onto my PC, I have to switch the playback device for the sound from "Realtek High Definition Audio" Speakers (used on my PC-only) to "ATI HDMI Output."

When I tried to accomplish this today, as evidenced in the screenshots, both instances of the "ATI HDMI Output" playback devices showed "not plugged in." I remember when I had a similar problem about a year or so ago, that it took playing with the bios, doing something with the drivers, rebooting, etc. before everything was operating correctly.

That was when I was only using 2 monitors. Even though everything was perfectly functioning  last night, this morning the problem is back. I am attaching screenshots that I hope will be helpful for diagnosis but cannot be sure.

I don't know if the drivers are out of date or I need a new version (if one exists) of the Catalyst Control Center or what.

Right now, the sound functions fine for my PC speakers, and when I view things on my HDTV (streamed through my PC), the video is fine and there is no audio.

What do you recommend? Whatever you recommend, please do so from the perspective that I am a relative novice when it comes to video and audio cards, drivers, etc. Thank you very much.
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upgrade CCC and then make sure that your TV is setup on the right source, some TVs let you define seperate sound and video sources. make sure those are both setup to HDMI.
photoman11Author Commented:
I upgraded catalyst control Center and verified that both the sound and video sources on my HDTV are set up as HDMI. The result is:

1. Nothing has changed regarding the options I have displayed when I open the Sound window

2. one of the 3 monitors I have connected is a 27 inch ASUS, which was correctly showing up Before the Upgrade. Now, when I go into the set up for the multiple monitors, the screen is sized for a monitor I used to have in this position, which was a 24 inch Samsung.

The system thinks the monitor is the 24 inch Samsung because that is what is displayed when I look at the multiple monitor setup screen.

After upgrading the Catalyst Control Center, I rebooted also, so that is not the issue. What do you suggest?
so you've tried switching the sound source as HDMI as default in windows?

have you tried making the TV as default?

also disable the other soundcards and only enable your HDMI and unplug and plug the cables back in and reboot and see if that helps.

some people have said that realtek onboard audio conflicts with ATI HDMI audio since they both use realtek chips.
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some people have also suggested updating your realtek sound drivers
photoman11Author Commented:
How do I set up the sound source as HDMI as default in windows? Also, since I downloaded the March, 2011 version of CCC, why am I still getting a driver date of July 14, 2010?
is there an update you can try for CCC?

also you can click the set default button on the list of soundcard devices in the "playback devices" menu
photoman11Author Commented:
I don't know what to tell you at this point that will make any sense because I finished connecting my 3rd monitor and now everything is working, sound wise. You can see my current settings with the screenshot.

Is there any point to take a system restore point so that if/when the sound gets wacky again, I could go back to this point to restore it. Or, will it not work because I have read in some forums that even doing system restores does not affect the sound cards when they get messed up.
it could work..... it all depends really....
photoman11Author Commented:
Sounds like I have nothing to lose so what the heck, right?
go ahead and create the restore point and hopefully smooth sailing!

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