Adding a 2nd Top Level Sharepoint Site

I'm runung sbs2008, moss 2007, and exchange 2007.

I've creating a new toplevel site in the 'central configuration'.

I go to another machine in the domain and visit the site
I get the login box
and another login box
and another login box

i see that the url has changed to

that can't be right.....
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Greg BessoIT Solutions EngineerCommented:
OK well the good news is that SharePoint is pretty flexible to handling HTTP and/or HTTPS traffic for an existing web application, and also is flexible to handling the traffic on non-default ports...

But you need to configure the web applications on the correct ports, and also specifiy during creation if you are using SSL or not.

If you already created an internal site and you want to change the ports or use of SSL, you should EXTEND the existing web application and set the new one up using the settings you want. It will create a new IIS web site that points to the one you already setup. But for SSL, you dont use the Host Header, as that doesn't apply.

See this technet link to review that:
Greg BessoIT Solutions EngineerCommented:
Just to clarify, you want to create a user-facing web application and site collection right? Is this the first user-facing content, or do you already have that structure in place and would like to add more?

It sounded like you are creating content in the Central Administration web application, which you should probably avoid doing.
ehillsAuthor Commented:
Well if I am I don't want that cause that would be bad....

I have a URL that responds to https//
It handles OWA, and my internal sharepoint on :987  
which is visable to the outside.

However the SSL gets in the way....
I would like to open :80 on a new sharepoint site at

ehillsAuthor Commented:
ok so I extended the moss to another website
defined port 80
gave it a url
defined extranet
and it the central configuration said sharepoint was already in use....

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