Change the ordering of menu item on my menu

I'm using a wordpress theme from elegatnthemes.
Please tell me how I can change the ordering of the menu items.
Currently, they are in alphabetic order.

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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
>> I don't see any option to sort

Look again:

Sort options.
>> I mean. how do I manually sort them in the order I want?

The best way to do it is to download the Admin Management Xtended plugin.  This plugin will allow you to set the order of your pages and posts in the Dashboard.  You then set the theme to sort by Post Order and the items will show up in the order you want.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Go to Appearance | TheProfessional Theme Options

From the ePanel, select Navigation.  

On the Pages and Categories tabs there is an option to set the sort order.
dshrenikAuthor Commented:
I don't see any option to sort
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dshrenikAuthor Commented:
I mean. how do I manually sort them in the order I want?
dshrenikAuthor Commented:
When I try to download it just says:
"Downloading install package from…"

Nothing happens after this...
How to install a plugin

You can control the order of pages in the Page Attributes meta box, but I don't know if your menu is more complicated than that.

 wordpress page attributes
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