My PC will not bootup

Hello EE,

I've been trying to boot up my Windows 7 PC and it seems it won't and it will be stuck on the screen after the Post-Startup Screen and before the Windows 7 Startup Splash Screen (The screen that asks if you want to boot from a CD/DVD).

I've checked the hardware and it seems to be all working fine. The Hard-Drive doesn't appear to be broken and the Windows 7 Repair still seems to recognise it. I've done a Startup Repair and even managed to perform a successful System Restore.

Would anyone know what they problem may be?
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kachroConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you probably damaged the boot files, try inserting the windows 7 dvd and click on console mode.

use these

hope it helps
Anything installed recently before this problem began? Can you even boot into Safe Mode?

Usually a startup repair will fix this kind of problem. Otherwise, you might need to do a repair install on top of the current version.
What exactly is on that screen that "asks you if you want to boot from a CD/DVD"?

Perhaps stupid question:  you don't have a DVD in the drive, do you?

Check the BIOS boot sequence... sometimes, on some computers, there is an "error" bootup sequence.  If there was an error booting up once, it will drop to this bootup sequence and it may not include your hard drive as a boot device.
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There seems to be an issue with a recent (march 18 ) update and intel/Amd based older graphics drivers.
The solution is to uninstall the update, update the drivers and then reapply the update.
Unfortunately, I do not have the reference at hand.
mr_stevieAuthor Commented:
kachro takes the prize. His solution seems to work for the moment.

For the record, I couldn't launch in Safe Mode. It would get stuck when it was loading my OS from my HDD. Startup Repair didn't seem to detect any problems either.

After it tries to boot from a CD/DVD, it will boot from my HDD. On the screen, you would see "Boot from CD/DVD:" only then nothing after that when it boots from the HDD. Thats where it seemed to have gotten stuck.

If you could get the reference somewhere, would be appreciated.

Anyways, it seems to be working fine for the moment. However my bootup process is taking longer than usual for some reason. I'm fairly patient so its not a problem but I just hope it just stops working all together. If any problems popup in the future, will resort to EE.

Thanks everyone.
Glad it's back up.  I'd strongly recommend making a backup of everything on that drive.... just in case... :)
Here is the article and update mentioned
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