please wait for the windows modules installer


I shutdown a server lastnight (2008R2) due to electrical work being carried out in the office.  When I rebooted this morning the server is trying to install updates and sitting at 17%, it has moved in 2 hrs from 15% installed.  

When I RDP into the server I get the msg "please wait for the windows modules installer", this has just changed to "configuring windows updates 18%"

I can browse to the shared drives on the server, Hyper-V services are not running which is a pain.

I have reviewed articles on the net, however noist of them lean towards Vista and not 2008R2, any ideas would be appreciated as this is a production server

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I saw this on one of our production hyper-v servers a few weeks ago. After a couple of hours i just tuned it off and cold booted it again. The server booted flawlessly the second time.
Don't know if this is of much help to you, just sharing my experience...

regards, s
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