Multiple Antivirus on Pcs

We are using McAfee ePO 4.5 to manage the VSE on client machine.
We are also using Fortigate UTM device at the gateway having gateway antivirus,
What is the best practise to have multiple level of Antivirus protection on the server and cleint levels for better security.
can we implement one more AV product in our environment
Kindly give ur comments
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Yancey LandrumTechnical Team LeadCommented:
You may find that enabling heuristics will help the detection rate at the workstations; McAfee's actually works well with extremely few false positives as long as you don't make it too aggressive.

The best approach is to do just what you are doing; a layered solution comprising products from different vendors. I don't know what kind of performance you would get with two different gateway products but theoretically you could just daisy-chain them, depending on the technology.

We use a gateway product for web, a separate gateway product for email, and a third product for servers and workstations. Also Host Intrusion Prevention on the workstations and servers. And actually, we do have two different products on the wintel boxes (in a sort of primary/backup setup) but only one is active at a time. Since both are centrally managed it is easy to disable one and enable the other if a particular threat makes it that far and the primary is ineffective.
It's not a good idea to run more then one anti-virus on one machine because of conflicts.
ociadminAuthor Commented:
@Jeremy - many times we found that McAfee skips or not able to detect a particular type of virus or threat and detect by other PC running diff. AV product.
What is the solution for checking or protecting the environment with dual AV products

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
First, get rid of McAfee.  Replace it with something better.  Avast has worked well for me and I have customers that like the paid version.  But he's right, do not run two anti-virus programs at the same time.  If they don't crash the computer, they will enormously slow it down.
If I read your post correctly, you have two antivirus programs running, but not on the same computer.  While the previous comments are correct with regard to running more than one on a single system, you can safely run more than one in a network, e.g. one at the gateway and another on individual systems.  Of course, it wouldn't be very effective to subject the files to the same antivirus programs twice, but if you are using different programs, then it seems that the gateway AV would catch most malware, with the individual system AV programs catching anything that's left.
ociadminAuthor Commented:
we already have Fortigate AV running at fortigate UTM device at the gateway and McAfee at cleint PCs.

Pls suggest if we can add another Av security (hardware UTM device or AV software) at the gateway.
Why so many?  Sounds like there is some other issue going on here.  You really only need one AV solution on Desktop and one on the gateway.
Ditto Tkyguy:  Why do you need another at the gateway when you have one running there already?  Anything it misses will be picked up by the individual client NAV.

Maybe you could give Immunet Protect a trial run on a couple of your machines see how it fairs out.

"Immunet Protect Free gives you a fast layer of protection that's compatible with existing antivirus. Won't slow down your PC! "

It's cloud based protection so no need to download virus definition files.

Hello Ociadmin,

The products (Gateway and System)you are using are the best in the IT security. Note that no one can give you 100% AV solution. Infection depends how fast new virus or malware reaches your system. So it is always better to tighten the rules in your organization to access the system and resources. Means restrict the  internet access (Web filtering, IM, Downloads and P2P), block external disk/media connectivity to the systems and also control the unwanted software installations.

Make sure that above restrictions do not affect the organization work flow.

Good Luck!
ociadminAuthor Commented:
Good, thanks
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