Run Shell command in realtime with PHP aka ping


Looked through google quite a bit. and trying to find a way to run a simple script and show it While its running

ive found  proc_open()  on searces of forums but not sure how to accomplish it  and a way to maybe just in case definitely shut the process down when done or is that built into it even if someone exits the browser without waiting..

i just have a couple of tries in // but cant seem to figure how to show it without just waiting for output then

elseif ($radio == radio4)

 $command=('/usr/local/bin/cv/sleeper ' );

//exec('/usr/local/bin/cv/sleeper /dev/null 2>/dev/null &');
$output=shell_exec($command);  //system call
print nl2br($output);


print proc_open("ping -c 4 -i 1");

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If your intent is to run a script on your server and have the output show up in real-time on a remote browser, you'll have to establish a communication path between the browser and server and direct the results to that path. Ajax would be the likely tool set and I see  you've included it in your zones.  

Here is a perl script/JavaScript combo that might be useful as a guide.

The IE 7 workaround proposed in that post may be interesting to you as well.

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