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I jointly rent a dedicated server with 2 other people. Because we each do our own thing we would ideally each like to do our own backups independent of each other... ideally also to the cloud.

Currently I use JungleDisk which is perfect in functionality but it only supports a single account per machine. Therefore one of us can do backups but not the other 2.

What other options are out there which would meet all my criteria?


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Dale BurrellDirectorAsked:
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You may be able to use 3 different backup methods.  For example, I am currently running both Carbonite and CrashPlan on my desktop computer.  I am in the process of switching from Carbonite to CrashPlan.  So far they have not interfered with one another.  Let the other two people come up with their own solution for backing up data.  Depending on what they come up with you can probable run 3 different backup programs.  

The only other thing I can think to do would be to have two virtual environments running.  Example, create two Win XP virtual PCs running on the server.  Share the folders with important data on them with the virtual PCs  Each virutal PC can then run its own install of JungleDisk, plus the host server runs it's install of JungleDisk.  By doing this you can have 3 JungleDisk programs installed, each with their own account.  

As long as you have a server with lots of horsepower you should be fine.  If not then this idea will slow the server down too much.  

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Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Look at moving to your own rackspace could servers. They have backup built in.
Dale BurrellDirectorAuthor Commented:
Any other providers of cloud backup solutions that you've come across?
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Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
I've used vps from other places but once I found these cloud servers I've stuck with them.
Dale BurrellDirectorAuthor Commented:
I'm definitely sticking with my server for now... so I think the solution of using backup solutions from different vendors might be a go... so now interested to know of any others.
Dale BurrellDirectorAuthor Commented:
bdsuser, one further question, why are you moving to crashplan? I've just signed up for a month to see what they are like and so far I'm not totally impressed. Especially when their support person told me that its for personal use only not business use, yet there is nothing I can find on their site to support that and the costs for their business backup solution are massive. So now I'lm looking at Carbonite, but then you are leaving them so wondering if there are some negatives about them? Cheers
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