How to modify custom class key in map of maps C++?

I am making a graph using an adjacency list represented by a map with Vertex keys, and a map of weighted edges as a value. This looks like so:
map<Vertex, map<Vertex, double> > m;

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The program loads a set of verticies an edges from a file in to this. Then I have to use Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm, given a starting an ending node in the Graph. In order to do this, you need to store certain attributes for each vertex, such as the min_distance and a pointer to the previous_node (so that you can trace the path after the algorithm finishes). The question is, how do I make it so that the keys' attributes in the vertex map are modifiable?

Selecting a key using an iterator and changing a variable in the Vertex object did not reflect any change.
map<Vertex, map<Vertex,double> >::iterator i;
i = m.find(Vertex);
Vertex v = i->first;
v.min_dist = 2;
v.prevNode = pnode; // this would point to a vertex obtained in a similar fashon to v

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I can't get that to work, and am wasting space storing it in a separate map<Vertex,distance> and map<Vertex,prevNode> right now, there has to be a smarter way.
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How about you store the adjacency list in a way that looks something like this instead :
typedef double Weight;
typedef double Distance;

class Node {
    Vertex vertex;
    Distance distanceFromStart;
    Node* previous;
    std::list<std::pair<Node*, Weight> > neighbors;

typedef std::vector<Node*> Graph;

class CompareNodeDist {
  public :
    bool operator()(const Node* node1, const Node* node2) const {
        return (node1->distance > node2->distance);

typedef std::priority_queue<Node*, std::vector<Node*>, CompareNodeDist> NodeQueue;

Graph graph;                 // holds the whole graph
NodeQueue unvisitedNodes;    // holds all nodes that still need to be visited (and have a distance that is not infinity)

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