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Hi Experts,
We have developed an application that sends video clips by email automated based on conditions. We now need to do the same but to send to SmartPhones rather than eMail using WAP/MMS or any other method that you could suggest. We have decided on 3GP due to compression/file size requirements. Once again unless you can reccommend other format that most phones will read. What I need is a method that I can use to send an MMS from code (VB.NET 2010), convert before sending, as required based on phone type but preferably generic format. Not sure about iPhone.
Would appreciate any help.
Prepared to invest in addon tools if required by your recommendation.
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jgibbarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out This is where I got started with some webpages that I needed to format for different browsers and operating systems. It will work for pretty much any web browser that supports the navigator.vendor property of the script.

Once working, just call a redirect based upon the variable for the browser that the Smart Phone would use by default.
Will you know the carrier or device for each recipient before sending the message?

If you are looking to send to just a specific carrier, say AT&T for example, you can simply send the message to {Phone #} for MMS messages or {Phone #} for SMS Messages. A quick google search should supply you the format needed for most major carriers.

If this would not work for your solution, you might try exploring the possibility of using an SMS or MMS Gateway Provider to deliver your content. Most of them offer API in most codes to pull this into any web or physical application you may be utlizing.

As far as automating the clip format, I am not sure how to accomplish this unless you have the device type prior to sending the MMS. Another thought would be to host the video on a web server and just provide a link in the message for them to go to. You could then user the browser's fingerprint to stream the video in the apporpriate format.

Hope this helps...
espsAuthor Commented:
Hi jgibbar,
I think you are on the right track here.
Some more background...
The app basically generate a text message from within Outlook with the video clip as attachment.
The email and clip is sent to the destination (email)
The sender, from Outlook, does not know whether the recipient will open the email (and attached clip) with an email agent or with a smartphone. Problem with smartphone is that the different devices does not support any file type. That is why I really like your last suggestion about storing the image on a webserver and then stream to the device.
Can you tell me a little more about the browser fingerprint you are referring to and maybe point me to a code example?
r egards
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