SBS 2008 - Server physically relocating to another geographic location.

Hi Experts,

I’ve just successfully completed the installation of SBS 2008 offsite in my lab environment for a customer – Essentially a server and DSL router (with static IP address provided by my own ISP).

I’m now at a stage where I need to physically install the equipment at the customer site – customer has a DSL line ready and waiting together with static IP address provided by his ISP.

Note: The customer will be using RWW services.

Are there any further considerations that I need to take into account other than changing the public DNS settings?

i.e. In this case changing the Public IP address of the SBS server / static IP address provided by my ISP to that of the customers’ static IP address, E.G.

DNS Record:
Record Type: A
Record Content: <Public IP address of the SBS server / static IP address provided by ISP at customer location>.

Essentially I just everything to work onsite as it is in my lab.

Many thanks,

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You are right.
You will need to do no changes, except the change of A record of form your IP address to theirs.
You will need the DSL modem to pass all traffic straight through to the server or your firewall.  You are using a firewall aren't you?   RWW uses TCP ports 80, 443, 987, and 3389, so you will need your firewall to pass these ports through to the server.  See for more info about RWW.  

Otherwise, I think you have the right idea.
sam180yAuthor Commented:
The DSL router / firewall alreday has the ports open and RWW is functioning fine - I'm hoping that there will be no chnages required here given that the router will also be physically relocating with the server to the customer site?

And you will need to change internet access settings in  the router (ISP username/password, maybe external IP, if you have defined it). Thats all.
sam180yAuthor Commented:
Thanks for reminding me about ISP username and password davorin.

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