Windows 2008 restore - Elements not found error

After trying to perform a full SBS 2008 restore from physical 3 partitions of 250Gb each, to single Thin provisioning VMDK file of 750GB, the following error is recieved:

Windows Complete Restore failed.
Error details: Element not found(0x80070490).

I've read alot of articles before posting here w/ this error.
The new Thin Provisioning disks were 1TB at first and after that 750 GB (exactly as the original size of the backup partitions).

Any ideas how to overcome this nightmerish restore procedure??

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Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
AFAIK, all SBS restore procedures require that you have the same partitions/drives of equal or larger size in order to perform a restore.  Any change there is room on the orginal set of disks to move everthing back to the first partition?  Or to partition your new VM?
IT_Group1Author Commented:
Hi, since it's a p2v, and the ESXi environment doesn't have sufficient space for fixed disks sizes (for the original backup partitions, not the actual data, which is barely 10% of the partitions size), we have to rely on Thin Provisioning.

I was able to restore another Windows 2008 std x64 (NOT R2), by using this method, but not the SBS.
I'm allocating much more space than the SBS original partitions required; the original was 3x 250GB, and the new Think provisioned disk is 1TB. When there was a problem with the disk size, we've received a different error :

The Windows Complete PC Restore operation failed.
Error details: The disk that is set as active in BIOS is too small to recover the original system disk.  Replace the disk with a larger one and retry the restore operation. (0x80042407)

which was solved by now, after allocating more space. Now the problem is different as you can see.

Would appreciate any idea.

Many thx
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
There is a blog post on our blog that outlines our experience with that error:

Watch your boot order.

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IT_Group1Author Commented:
Dear Philip
It's the first article in google - tried that with no luck. Since it's an Esxi vm, you can't really remove the USB from the boot order right? I did try to boot w/o USB controller and w/o any USB devices connected to the vm.

Nothing worked.
Any ideas?
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
I am not experienced directly with Esxi, though in Hyper-V we can get into the "BIOS" by hitting the F2 key (IIRC).

Can you do the same in the Esxi VM?

You may need to have the same number of VHDs that are configured to the same size (dynamic in Hyper-V terms) as the originals.

We do test restores on behalf of clients to Hyper-V and bare metal. We always set storage up identical to the original box/VM to eliminate and storage related issues.

IT_Group1Author Commented:
Nothing helped guys
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
You indicate 3 partitions, what is on them?
 1: OS
 2: ?
 3: ?

Are most of the OS components + Exchange on 1? If so, then only restore 1 to see if you can at least get the OS to boot. If 1+2 then restore 1 then restore 2 from within WSB in the OS.

IT_Group1Author Commented:
None helped. Only a fresh installation of an SBS2k8 on a new Physical machine helped.
Thx anyway

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IT_Group1Author Commented:
None helped
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