How to allow traffic just for specifed countries?


I need advice from a real linux-security guru. My server has been ddos-ed and whole network segment went down. Now i want to block all foreign traffic and allow just few countries.

How to setup this with iptables ( v1.4.10) ?

Also I got info from my datacenter, that such kind of ddos-attacks can't be solved and next time they will block all traffic to my server again... Is that true and won't iptables rules help here ?

Server log during the attack (29 port was used for pure-ftp):
Apr  9 22:14:49 cs kernel: TCP: Possible SYN flooding on port 29. Sending cookies.
Apr  9 22:14:54 cs kernel: last message repeated 8 times
Apr  9 22:14:54 cs kernel: net_ratelimit: 648 callbacks suppressed
Apr  9 22:14:54 cs kernel: TCP: Possible SYN flooding on port 29. Sending cookies.
Apr  9 22:14:59 cs kernel: last message repeated 9 times
Apr  9 22:14:59 cs kernel: net_ratelimit: 1662 callbacks suppressed
Apr  9 22:17:24 cs kernel: net_ratelimit: 13005 callbacks suppressed
Apr  9 22:17:24 cs kernel: TCP: Possible SYN flooding on port 29. Sending cookies.

Any other suggestions preventing ddos will be highly appreciated !
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You can not evade a DDoS attack by using a firewall alone. The server will still hang up if the firewall is busy blocking incoming connections.

Please refer the following link to get a better idea on this:

You could also make use of the DDoS evasion techniques like Cisco guard, that your data centre provides(in case of sudden/unexpected attacks).


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