SATA drive on Gigabyte 8S648FX-RZ Motherboard, SI 3512a SATA controller

I have a PC with a gigabyte 8S648FX-RZ motherboard, it has no SATA ports, but I need to connect a SATA disk as a boot drive (and am reinstalling Windows XP).  I purchased a Silicon Image 5312a SATA PCI controller card and installed everything OK.  When the system boots the bios finds the SATA drive, but when XP installs from the XP Installation CD, it does not list the SATA drive as a bootable disk (there is currently an old IDE drive in the machine and it only lists that drive to install XP onto).
I followed the instructions from the manual that came with the SATA controller, and put the latest drivers for the SATA controller onto a floppy, pressed F6 during XP installation and it seemed to successfully load the drivers.  However it still does not list the SATA drive as a location on which to install XP.
I note that in the BIOS it does not seem to have anywhere to select the SATA controller as a boot option.
My question is how to I get XP to install on the SATA drive.  Is it even possible with this motherboard?
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JohnnyCanuckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just want to point out that generic versions of XP do not support installing to a SATA drive.  There may be a disk that came with your SATA card that contains the SATA driver.  You will have to press F6 during setup to install third party drivers or slipstream the driver onto your xp installation disk with nlite.
If the BIOS does not show the SI SATA disk then give up & get your money back. Not all controllers play nice with all BIOSs.  (Did you check for BIOS updates for your motherboard?)  
dbruntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Something like this

These will convert a SATA drive to IDE.  You plug the adaptor into the motherboard and run a SATA cable to the hard disk.  The motherboard thinks its IDE and so does the Operating System.  No problems to install the OS.

Read the comments section as well there so you know what you are getting into.
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DavidConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
pretty much any computer retailer will have the equivalent. It is called a "bridge".  Warning - if your disk is one of the new ones > 2TB then none of the generic bridges on the market will support the disk, and even then, there will be an upper limit on the capacity that will work, which could still be only a few hundred GB.  This is due to the nature of the instruction set and how many bits are supported/available within the BIOS.

I suggest you purchase from a true computer store with humans and pay a few dollars more to discuss compatibility.
hcg100Author Commented:
I finally got this issue sorted out.  I could not find any way to install XP on the SATA disc attached to the SATA controller card, so JohnnyCanuck was correct about that.  I did press F6 during the XP setup and loaded the driver but the SATA disk still did not appear on the list of install options.

Instead I reverted to using another IDE disk to install XP onto.  Once XP was up, I was able to load the drivers for the SATA card via Device Manager and then the disk became visible.
hcg100Author Commented:
I could have tried using a SATA to IDE bridge, but was keen to get the SATA controller working somehow, which I did manage to do in the end.
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