recover deleted files

I have deleted some of the files permanently by using shift delete,I have purchased one software for data recovery,and i was able to restore the files using the software but all the excel files and word document are opening with junk characters,
please suggest.


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Ashok DewanFreelancerCommented:
you can recover files by following software's

1. getdata back  ->
2. recuva
3. stellar phoenix.
4. undelete ->
Ashok DewanFreelancerCommented:
but don't put more data into that drive from where you have deleted files. if you put more files into that drive then recovery possibilties goes decrease due to overwrite on same sector
For data recovery purposes attach the drive concerned either as a slave or by USB caddy to another computer.

neil40m has recommended software to use.

Try GetDataBack as above.

If it sees your files then try PCInspector and Recuva

These are free.  If they work you save money.  If they don't you may have to pay for GetDataBack.
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we use at office the following software, they are really good

but you can find other software,
Active File Recovery
Active Partition Recovery
Art Plus Digital Photo Recovery
DiskInternals Partition Recovery
EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional
File Scavenger recovery
Handy Recovery
Iolo Search and Recover
Magic Recovery Professional
OnTrack Easy Recovery Professional
PC Inspector File Recovery
PC Tools File Recover
Pen Drive data recovery
Photo Recovery Genius
Power Data Recovery
R-Studio Data Recovery
Runtime GetDataBack for NTFS
Seagate FILE RECOVERY for Windows
Sim Card Data Recovery
Smart Data Recovery for USB Flash Drives
USB Flash Drive Data Recovery
WinMend Data Recovery

Think about a good backup procedure/policy.
Which data recovery software are you using? You can find other solutions by searching "undelete file" on
deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
Aside from the above advise to attach the drive as a slave drive to another system so there aren't any more write actions on it you may also want to scan the drive again for deleted files with your purchased recovery software, and restore files (to a different drive) from the directories where your word and excel files were with names like ~wrl12345.tmp, or just recover all files.

Especially Word creates new versions of files every time a file is edited, and the old version is renamed to ~wrl*.tmp or ~wrd*.tmp and then deleted. You may be able to recover a previous version of the file.

You don't mention the OS, but it may very well be that the if it is on a server it supports previous versions (Volume Shadow Copy), then you can restore a previous version.

Personally i have good experience with Restoration (
Because undelete is a relatively easy task for data recovery tools, almost any of them should be capable to recover these mentioned files.
Since they fail, most likely files are overwritten. Unfortunately, it is impossible to recover overwritten files.
I have had good experience with EASUS (paid) and TestDisk (free). You can try them, and see if they help.
Unfortunately, its not always possible to recover files, as the data might have been overwritten.
sgiriAuthor Commented:
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