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If We have a list and their we have Name ,B'date,Designation and all fields how we check as at 9 am it should check the B'date of employee and showing Message of Happy B'date .Event should be attached to single list only ?????Please provide steps to follow to implement this scenerio.Thanks
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Rafael ISolutions EngineerCommented:
If you don't have access to the server, here's how I would work around it.  You should have SharePoint Designer to make this work:

I would first create a workflow that can be started manually or when an item is created.  This workflow will set the expiration date for the list item to be that person's birthday (or the next possible birthday, whichever happens later).  If you already have list items, make the workflow run for these items.  Call this "SetExpirationDate."

Then create a workflow for the same list that creates an item in the announcements where you want your happy birthday message to appear and adds 1 year to the expiration date of the item.  Make sure this workflow cannot be started manually, when a new item is created, modified, or deleted.  Call this "BirthdayAlert"

Then, go to the settings -> list settings -> Information management policy settings, select "Define a policy..." and then OK.  Then check the box that says "Enable Expiration"

Here, The retention period should be "Set programmatically (for example, by a workflow)" and for "When the item expires:" select "Start this workflow:" and select the second workflow "BirthdayAlert"

Now, whenever a list item hits the expiration date (their birthday), it will create an announcement that says Happy Birthday, and then add a year.  Plus this will work if more than one people have the same birthday.

Good luck!
1) Where is the data stored?
2) Do you want to create a standalone application for this?

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