Tranferring iTunes Library from External Drive to MacBook

I have a client with 80 gigs of music on an external hard drive. His old Windows laptop had a small hard drive so he always kept his music on his external drive. Now he has a MacBook with a large hard drive, so he would like to copy all the music over to the MacBook's internal drive.

Can I simply use Finder to copy the iTunes folder from the external drive over to the MacBook's HD and then have iTunes import the newly-moved songs?

How do I ensure that all the playlists copy over properly?
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TBK-ConsultingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
See this Apple Support KB Article for your exact instructions -
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just drag into the main music folder on iTunes directly from USB drive, just do a little at a time.
First check under the advanced preferences that the "copy to library when importing" is selected
Make sure the preference to let iTunes manage the music is checked.
iTunes maintains its library inside your Music folder, and it automatically puts music in folders, etc.
Or try this
Go to File then Library  / Import ~> choose your XML library file from the destination USB drive iTunes directory or library.

If iTunes fails to import from these two then the only way back is to burn to disc and import from disc or disc image.
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