Custom workflow in sharepoint designer 2007

I want to custom  workflow to append value of first field to second field.
And then send the value of second field to staff.

For example, there have three fields: StaffName1, StaffName2, GroupMembers(Multiple lines text)
In the workflow, i want add StaffName1 and StaffName2 to GroupMembers base on some conditions.

We are using WSS3.
Any idea how to do it?
Thank you.
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nsyyoungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Regarding concatenating:

I'm sorry, I don't understand part 2 of your last post.
Do you need to store the appended value?  If not, you could just create a workflow variable that concatenates both fields with a space between, then email that variable's contents to your staff.
dickchanAuthor Commented:
How to do the concatenate in the workflow?
I only find the Trim function.

And if i want one name in one row in GroupMembers(Multiple lines text)
How to join to next line in workflow?
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