Deploying custom ASP.NET web application in sharepoint

Hi there,

 I had built an ASP.NET web application from C# visual studio 2010 and try to deploy it to sharepoint 2010 server enterprise version.

It's a pages that consists of textbox, button, classes, functions and datagrid .

Can somebody help in this:

What are the best steps of deployment, eg. copy those files and paste it to a certain folder,

maybe under ...common files\microsoft shared\web server extensions..........?

Maybe need to publish from virtual directory under IIS Manager...?

use sandbox solution..?

kindley, explan me and provide a source.

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Deploying ASP.NET Web Applications in the Windows SharePoint

command-line tool

Converting an ASP.NET site into a SharePoint site

Hope that might help you.

Best way is consider this as seperate application host that application in IIS and link that application to your sharepoint page ,
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