Mac OS slow in file transfering after configure to vlan.

Hi There...
Customer has Mac OS server and Mac OS client. recently configure vlan to segment their network from client and servers. after segment to vlan, users encounter intermitdiate network slow when file transfering from mac client to mac server across vlan.

all switches is Dell switch, core switch is Dell 6048 and edge switch is 2848.
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robertcernyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It could be a problem of spanning tree settings on your switch. It should be turned off if you really don't need it.
You don't mention it, so I have to ask: are you saying that Windows clients on the same vlan have normal/fast file transfers?
Are all hosts/links/trunks gigabit ethernet?
Is the Mac server providing DHCP and DNS?

hell_angelEngineerAuthor Commented:
hi schaps... client are using dhcp, pointing ad dns as promary dns. there is no complaint file transfer from windows to windows server... only happen mac client to mac server..... all are gig network.
server and clients are different vlan
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hell_angelEngineerAuthor Commented:
i do not have problem with windows users on windows server.... in fact... i dont think i got spanning tree.... is all just chained...
the spanning tree settings affects AFP protocol only, you can't experience the same problem on Windows. Alternatively try to connect to server via SMB instead of AFP.
hell_angelEngineerAuthor Commented:
found windows client also have similiar problem...... ping -t show ok..
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