logo is also a hyperlink should be inactive on home page


We have a logo on the left side of the header of our web site's  http://www.topsecurityinc.com/ pages.
It also serves a hyperlink to go back to the home page if you are on any other page, which is fine.
I need a way to turn off the hyperlink around the logo when someone is already on the home page (index.asp).
Any specific modification of either a stylesheet rule or HTML would be appreciated.

.header{height:170px;width:825px;margin-left:0px;margin-top:0px;padding-top:5px;color:#3A6DEB;background-color:#FFF;letter-spacing:4px;background-image:url(../web/images/top-security-inc-header.jpg);background-repeat: no-repeat;background-position: 0px 25px;}
.topgif a{margin-top:10px;display:block;width:210px;height:150px;}
<span class="topgif">
 <a href="/" title=""></a>

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Lukasz ChmielewskiCommented:
I don't think it is possible using only css as you have to check for the address in the browser bar. Is that index.asp only a content part of the page ? Does your header repeat in all the pages ?
TrueBlueAuthor Commented:
Index.asp is the whole home page except for some includes.
Yes, the header is the same for all pages.
Any idea how I could accomplish this using ASP, with an if then statement?
TrueBlueAuthor Commented:
I found the variable arrURL(Ubound(arrURL)) on this page holds the page name.
So I guess I need something link IF arrURL(Ubound(arrURL)) = "index.asp" then ...
Any ideas?
Chris StanyonCommented:

Unless there's an absolute need to remove the link on the homepage, may I suggest you leave it in place. It gives the site a feeling of consistency.

Have a look around the 'net - most sites will leave the homepage link in place, even on the homepage - visit the homepage of ExpertsExchange to see what I mean :)

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