Javascript accessing class instances from another in mootools

I've got this bit of code here:

I am trying to get one slider to make run the mooflow effect on both instances.

Everything in the class that gets this to work uses the "this" keyword. this.glideTo etc. I can't work out how to access the second class from the first as obviously I dont want to do it with "this" I want to do it with what is essentially "that". If i insert alert(this) into the code it just says object Object. I cant work out how to reference one class from another.
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You would have to have a way to expose when the glideto method is being called.  or modify the MooFlow so that it can also refer to a 2nd object.   As it is, all places that call glideTo, only know about the specific instance of MooFlow that it is.

So within glideTo you the code does not have a way to reference that.

If there was an event raised when glideTo is completed then you could potentially catch that event in your own code and call the glideTo method on the other object.  

I'm guessing the reason that this is not implemented is that 2 flow objects are very likely to have a different number of elements, which would mean keeping them in sync would not be useful.    An easier solution may be to modify your images to include both of the things that you want to keep in sync in the same image.

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