Installing Office 2010 without product key


I am building a standard image which will be cloned onto multiple identical computers. I want to include Office 2010 pro into the image, but we are buying individual OPK licenses for each computer. Is there a way to install office without a key, or change it easily after install?
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Yes, you can do this. See here.
elemistAuthor Commented:
Thank Greyknight17. I saw that a while ago, but i was looking for an option similar to like an OEM install where you can just open up office and type in the product key. I've checked out the OPK install kit, but cant figure out how to do the installation?
If you are an OEM and distributing the systems... You will have to install the key after the install. Not ideal, of course.

If you are using the OPK and not an OEM and will be maintaining all records of license for systems under your/the company's direct control you can put in a single key. The keys are not the important part, the keeping of the record of purchase and being able to track total number of licenses and number of machines and making sure you do not have more licenses than keys is what is required by MS. This should be audit-able.
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elemistAuthor Commented:
Hi TAWpower,

Interesting about using a single key, i was under the assumption you had to have a VLK to do this. I assume you would have to activate it prior to imaging otherwise you wouldnt be able to activate it that many times! I'm not an OEM distributing large amounts of systems.

Basically i'm in the process of setting up a standardized environment for a client of mine, which incidently is co-insiding with a server and network upgrade. I am building up a standard image which will be used to deploy all new computers (initially 9 - but hopefully a regular amount over the coming months).

So what i want to do is build up an image which includes office 2010 pro, then as part of the final setup insert the product key from a PKC.
Depends on the number of systems. 10 activations with a single retail or OEM key.
Whenever I setup systems for customers I now always put in the actual key for the system. This is because I have had a customer that misunderstood that the key is not the issue, found several systems with the same key and assumed I sold him 18 licenses and only bought 1. He was incorrect, but it wasn't for over a year that I found out why he stopped using me. I of course explained this to him when I found out and he started using my services again. To be sure I wouldn't lose another customer that way I stopped using the single key after that. Your mileage may vary, but I would put the key in manually and record it and give a copy to the person you report to in that company.

Hope you have a your answer... Let me know if you need anything else.


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elemistAuthor Commented:
Long way it is..
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