I am working on a server that does not have a dvd rom in it but does however have server 2008 on it. How did they get 2008 on it.

I need to do some work on the opperating system. to do that I need to use the windows 2008 disk. Well the one problem with that is that there is only a cdrom in the machine. I have no idea how the origanal user got 2008 on the machine. So the first question is how did he get 2008 on the machine. Next how do I do work on with out a DVD rom
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hamza_ajConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can install windows OS 2008 with out CD-Rom, maybe he install it via USB flash drive, but there is a different way to copy you OS CD with boot-files to your USB driver, for example see this like:


also if you want to add some services to your OS 2008, and this services require the CD. you can copy your OS 2008 CD to your USB flash Drive and install whatever file you need.

and i advice you to keep a copy from your OS 2008 folders on your server, because you may need it later, and usually you need this files from time to time.

to answer your first question,he probably used an external USB DVD or a Flash Drive.
That answers your second question,get one cheap at Newegg.com



=> you should contact with administrator to request to mount windows installation disc for you.
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