CASE statement to subtract percent value from column

I have to subtract 11.5 percent from the STDCOST column in Table IV00101 if the CUSTCLSID  is equal to SD or PD or CF otherwise leave it as is. Would I use a case statement to to that if so how would  it be formatted, any help would be greatly appreciated.
skull52IT director Asked:
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kaufmed 👽Commented:
Could it not be?
SELECT stdcost - (.115 * stdcost)
FROM iv00101
WHERE custclsid in ('SD', 'PD', 'CF')

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kaufmed 👽Commented:
Never mind the above...   I think I misinterpreted the requirement.
kaufmed 👽Commented:
I can't test this ATM, but modifying the above:
           WHEN custclsid IN ('SD', 'PD', 'CF') THEN stdcost - (.115 * stdcost)
           ELSE stdcost
FROM iv00101

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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Or simply (no points please):
SharathData EngineerCommented:
To complete acperkins CASE statement.
         WHEN CUSTCLSID IN ('SD','PD','CF') THEN STDCOST * .885 
         ELSE STDCOST 
       END AS Dervied_STDCOST 
FROM   IV00101

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kaufmed 👽Commented:
I read "subtract" in the original question. Perhaps I'm missing something, but simply putting

STDCOST * .885

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wouldn't give the value after subtracting 11.5%; rather it would give the value of 11.5%. Did I overlook something?
kaufmed 👽Commented:

Never mind. I see what you guys did  = )
skull52IT director Author Commented:
Thanks to you all, acperkins could you explain how you derived .885 from 11.5%  
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
If you subtract 11.5% from 100% you get 88.5%, in other words: .885
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Or if you recall your days at school:
Given x is the standard cost than:
x - (0.115 * x) = x - 0.115x = .885x
skull52IT director Author Commented:
Well don't I feel stupid, I can barely remember yesterday let alone when I was last in school ;-)

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