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My coworker is planning in issue a mass-emailing for a new partner in the office.  Here's my concern, I'm running two applications that automatically send notification emails to our clients.  I get a 20% "bounce rate," meaning 20% of all the emails my applications issue are bounced by a client spam filter.  If my coworker sends this mass-emailing are our clients' spam filters going to be even more likely to add our domain to their "blocked senders" list (making my bounce rate even higher)?
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If you send out mass mailings properly with unsubscribes and are sending to valid customers of yours it shouldn't affect you that much, however it does also depend on how you send the "mass-mailing". Are you sending with people as individual emails like a list server or are you sending using the BCC feature in Outlook?

Your bounce rate does not necessarily reflect those that are bounced bye a client spam filter. They also reflect bad email addresses. A client spam filter can just drop the emails and not report to you.

To help you know if your clients are reading your email I would recommend you use a mail service like MailChimp or Emma, These services would allow you know with greater (though not absolute) certainty of who reads your emails and the actions they take because of it. We have found that by using one of these legitimate services, our emails were blocked less by spam filters.
What is your email setup?  Hosting your own internally?  If you are getting bounced emails, your outgoing email pathway may need to be changed.  You can use a reputable hosted solution, or send email out though a smart host (via your ISP SMTP servers).
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Thanks for the great answer.  mailchimp is very cool!
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