Web registration for irregular class schedules

We've been exploring several options for class registration web software with a calendar that links to pages for class registration and payment. However the bulk of the solutions we've found handle either single-day events only, a date span that requires the inclusion of every day in between, or if more complex, treats recurring events as many stand-alone days each with their own registration.

Is there anything out there that can handle a 12-week class and have each day point to the same registration page from the calendar? There should be an option for either paying for a single day IF the class allows dropins, and another price for the entire series. Ideally it would also allow for another date to be added outside of the weekly pattern (i.e. 12 Tuesdays and 1 Saturday).

(At this point we are looking for solutions that work like this out of the box. Later we will explore customizing a cms if necessary.)
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Jason C. LevineConnect With a Mentor No oneCommented:
I don't think you are going to find an out-of-the box solution to integrate into a web site given the above requirements.  It's too complicated and most systems want to design a simpler application that the vast majority of people can use.
figsageeAuthor Commented:
I have no way of knowing if the solution is complete and accurate. But glad to get an expert opinion.
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